Superior 10-Year Yacht Paint Aftercare.

Contact us for the truth regarding ceramic coatings.

Off the Deep End is the demiurge in the American superyacht paint polishing and protection game. We have pioneered the commercial execution of 50m and above yacht paint correction. No one does it better. It took seven years to successfully develop the O.R.C.A.System™ (an acronym for Oxidation Removal & Containment Appearance System) which allowed us to evolve into full paint, completing hundreds of small/medium paint jobs and successfully executing quarter million dollar paint on a 40m. Accepted on the first shot. Impressive right! Deep End™ is a highly evolved commercial operation that has invested tremendous resources in trial/error and research/development to provide consistent, reliable, on-time results. We started at the bottom and are here today because of our work ethic. We study paint and protective coatings at the molecular level then, with the help of chemical engineers, we developed the best products for performance. We have just completed a self funded two-year investigation of over 40 coatings including the European ceramic companies which armed us with crucial data that will benefit you and your program. Our ORCAsystem™  is unmatched. Designed to deliver the finest finish humanly possible. Consistently and uniformly regardless of the condition. ONLY, after this, can you think about the final step in protection!

Our Team

We have teams in Florida, Southern France, Palma and can mobilize. You’ll find our team members have integrity, are drug and alcohol-free, exhibit strong moral and ethical values and possess the mental fortitude that exudes leadership & perseverance through the hell and humidity that comes with the SoFLA sun and rain. We have high expectations, to match yours. Every team member from here to Europe is or has been a former employee at OTDE. Our craftsmen are full-time, year-round and rewarded with performance incentives, profit-sharing and have the opportunity to grow and excel in all types of coatings systems. Our mantra is and always will be “Do what you say and give more than what is expected.”


That’s right! Now we have your attention. It has taken 15 years of sheer dedication to be able to offer this pioneering program. Now you have the opportunity to reap the reward of our hard work. We are the only company in the world that can provide this.  How? We have done it and without any fancy coatings! This program is strictly for those who want the absolute best in appearance and cosmetic maintenance. There are a few prerequisites so let’s have a chat and discuss how we can manage your expectations and change the status quo.


The Law of Reflection has been our master since conception. After our ORCAsystem™ you get… Specular reflection, the mirror-like reflection of waves, such as light, from your surfaces serviced. The result is that an image reflected by the surface is reproduced in a mirror-like fashion. Now, let’s talk about protecting it!






Off The Deep End is dedicated to providing the highest quality in paint polishing & protective sol-gel, nano polymer and ceramic coatings. The ceramic market is riddled with imposters. Please contact us for the truth!



“We have all heard claims similar to the ones you’ve offered to the superiority of your product and methods but many are not as they seem. You were willing to demonstrate your abilities, I was impressed. You did what you said you would do and the results were great! I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to rejuvenate their paint without the swirls.”

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