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Off The Deep End is the North American headquarters for Ceramic Coatings, capable of managing all coatings, application, rejuvenation and protection of your yacht. We are working closely with the top ceramic manufactures globally to provide the best and technologically advanced solution for each vessels program. Our primary objective is to provide the type of service that is done right the first time and on time. The preservation of million-dollar shine is here.



Think you can make a vessel look better than Off The Deep End? Think again!

We waited many years for the development of this technology. We have a top performing innovative ceramic clear coat that is designed to protect your finest assets under the harshest charter conditions. If you’re looking to bring your paintwork back to a high gloss finish, locking it in with a ceramic clear coat while protecting the paintwork, contact our appearance specialists.

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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about investing in ceramic coatings.

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The Science Behind Coating

Off The Deep End strictly applies the highest rated product because it quickly and effectively penetrates the area to seal any microscopic cavities, leaving a shiny smooth surface that is highly resilient to stains. The ceramic coating is harder than the paint, which seals and improves scuff resistance of your yacht.

We’re Leaders in Marine Coatings

Whether its old or new surfaces, our proprietary full system is carried out by our own trained and certified applicators, delivering a high quality service only found at Off The Deep End.


Why Choose Off The Deep End For Exterior Coatings?

  • Up to two year warranty
  • Speedier cleaning, reducing down time
  • Maintains a high gloss
  • Prevents soot and exhaust gas staining
  • Creates a harder surface, yet flexible
  • Removes the need for frequent polishing
  • Withstands harsh chemicals
  • Cleaning can be carried out with just water and a mild soap
  • Specialist certified application partners to ensure a hassle free service from start to finish
  • Removal gel to easily remove the coating

As a mate, I observed their professionalism. As a Captain they were my first call for paint and paint restoration. John teaches his employees how to operate, be aware of surroundings and professionalism on the board. My Owner, Crew and I were very impressed. When the owner says their 16 year old yacht looks better than new, that alone says what a great job OTDE does.

Captain, 50m Trinity

Choose a durable hard ceramic clear coat to stop chemical attack & staining, whilst increasing gloss and depth of color in hulls, waterlines, and transoms.

If you have a new topcoat, it is crucial for longevity to get it on an annual maintenance plan. If your finish is older and oxidized, rest assured our Orca System, combined with a custom sealant will provide the appropriate solution!

Other Services:

  • Engine Room, Lazarette and Bilge Sterilization
  • Glass Polishing and Protection
  • Brightwork
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