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Off the Deep End utilizes the latest advances in polyurethane technology with state-of-the-art UV absorbers to achieve a durable surface with superior distinction of image and optimum gloss. User-friendly application properties are achieved by spraying or brushing with efficient repair qualities.



Gel-coat, the exterior finish on fiberglass boats, is a porous mix of polyester resins and pigments that must be sealed and protected from the damaging effects of ultra-violet rays, salt, dirt, and weather. Neglect it, and it becomes more porous due to the oxidation of the mixture resins and what remains is a faded, dull finish. Using quality materials, we can help you protect and repair your gel-coat.



Off The Deep End provides high-excellence custom detailing services to restore damaged surfaces and bring your vessel back to life in no time.


Contour Beautification

Cleaning is one of the easiest tasks that the boat owner can undertake; it also has the advantage of producing a result that is immediately visible. Using dedicated ‘fit for purpose’ products helps us eliminate the premature dulling of the coating that the use of unsuitable, harsh cleaners can cause to the surface of your vessel.


We Use Two-Part Finishes

Two-part finishes are usually composed of a base component and a curing agent. Generally, these include epoxies, polyurethane, and both polyester and vinyl ester. Off The Deep End strictly uses two-part polyurethanes, as they provide the ultimate in film integrity and durability.

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Our fairing, body craftsmen and coatings applicators utilize ONLY the finest equipment and material in EVERY paint job. Off The Deep End is a full coatings holus-bolus right at your command!

The choice of topcoat finish is usually made based on cost, experience of application, desired appearance and durability. Any topcoat finish can be applied to any generic substrate provided the topcoat is part of a system which would normally include select primers, filling and fairing compounds, sealers, etc. We are methodical and take our time to follow manufacturers specs and paint instructions by the book. The same process applies for anti-foul and running gear. Request a consultation with our team before finishing your topcoat.