The Top 5 Reasons You Should Apply Ceramic Coating On Your Yacht!

Your yacht goes through a lot in its life. It’s going to be baked by the sun, attacked by harsh saltwater, rained on, dinged by docking, and even be latched onto by barnacles and other sea critters.

To protect your yacht, you need to maintain it regularly. And while most yacht owners have traditionally used marine wax, ceramic coatings are becoming a more popular choice. Usually used in the auto industry, ceramic clear coating offers a long-lasting alternative to traditional marine waxing.

Here are a few of the reasons you should consider investing in a ceramic coating from Off The Deep End!


  1. Maintains A More “Freshly Painted” Look 

Your yacht is a huge investment – and naturally, you’ll want it to look its very best. You’ll probably have it repainted every few years, and this process can take weeks. Because of this, you’ll want to preserve that “freshly painted” look for as long as possible.

Ceramic coatings are incredibly resistant to wear, scratching, and damage from just about every source. A clear ceramic coating can protect the vulnerable topcoat of your paint, and help you maintain a more attractive yacht for multiple years!


  1. Protects Your Paint Against The Elements

Your paint does much more than just make your yacht look pretty. Marine paint protects the hull and underlying materials of your boat from damage due to saltwater, marine life, and the elements.

Ceramic coatings provide a better barrier for your top coat of paint, which increases its lifespan, and helps protect your yacht from damage.


  1. Simpler Cleaning And Maintenanc

Ceramic coatings provide a barrier that is resistant to things such as exhaust emissions and soot. Coated boats also do not require deep cleaning with aggressive, harsh chemical products – unlike some waxed yachts.

To clean your boat, you can simply use a product such as a pH-neutral yacht shampoo to remove all surface stains. This makes it easier – and less expensive – to maintain your yacht!


  1. Longer-Lasting Compared To Wax

If you typically wax your boat, you’ll have to reapply wax to the entire yacht about once a year for maximum protection. This can be quite expensive and inconvenient, especially if the boat must be dry-docked.

Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, offer a lifespan of over 3 years above the waterline, and a year below the waterline, with proper care and maintenance. They can even be “topped up” without requiring your boat to be removed from the water – saving you both time and money.


  1. Can Protect Both Above And Below The Waterline

The portions of your yacht that are below the waterline take a lot of abuse. Whether it’s pesky barnacles that try to attach themselves to your hull, saltwater damage, or any other source of wear and tear. It’s important to protect the parts of your boat that are below the waterline.

Ceramic coatings are much more effective at doing so, compared to waxes. They provide a barrier against saltwater, oxidation, exhaust, stains, and even chemicals. Even marine life such algae, barnacles, and other creatures will have a difficult time attaching themselves to your ceramic clear coat.

The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings can even increase fuel economy and the speed of your vessel, in some cases.


Learn More About Ceramic Coatings From Off The Deep End Now!

If you’re a yacht owner, you should invest in a ceramic coating. A yacht ceramic coating makes maintenance and upkeep easier, protects your yacht from damage, and is easy to apply.

Interested? Learn more about ceramic coatings from Off The Deep End Now, and see how you can protect your yacht from damage with these advanced coating treatments.

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